Paradigms: The Way We See The World-2

So, last time I was talking about paradigms of life and I ended at principle-center. Well, that leaves a lot of scope for discussion.

See, the problem with most of the centers people build their lives around is that they aren’t very strong, or sensible for that matter. Suppose someone’s life is centered around their boyfriend/girlfriend. Then their whole day is decided by that person, taking away any practicality from their lives, giving them the notion that it’s their significant other who runs their life. That is stupid. I respect relationships, I do. But there is a limit to the absurdity of things. Letting someone else run your life is a complete no-no. It’s your life. There is a saying:

“A true king considers the advice of his counsel, but always listens to his heart.”

A true king considers the advice of his counsel, but always listens to his heart.
A true king considers the advice of his counsel, but always listens to his heart.

When you’re driving, you don’t let the person in the backseat tell you when to press accelerate and when brake. You decide it for yourself. That is how life goes. And when I’m talking about centers, I mean almost all others are also like that. Your parents don’t have the right to make you study all day (although you should, you owe it to them ‘cause they raised you, but still not all day). Your role model has no right to make you feel like you have to do everything they do all day (even though they probably have no idea you feel that way). Your friends have no right to make you feel like you’re missing out on something big (they probably know this, but they still do it). I really shouldn’t be complaining about all of this but it’s true. We are free. We choose our lives. We make our choices. We might not choose the circumstances but we can choose our responses.

Coming back, when it comes to having a good center for your life, principles are the best. Now, what are principles? Honesty. Bravery. Friendship. Hard work. These are all principles. And there are countless more. And the best thing is, your conscience acts as compass to any and all principles. You see one out there, and you’ll know what it is. It’s that easy.

Therefore, to make our lives more effective, more useful, and less burdensome, we should all work to live by principles. Amen.

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