Personal Bank Account: Change Yourself, and You Change the World

We all want to do so many things. We want to write that story that’s been nagging us at the back of our heads for months. We want to watch that movie that is rumored to be so good and inspiring. We want to study for that exam that’s knocking at the door. We want to read that awesome book that makes you feel like heaven. Whatever it is, something is always holding us back.

An alternate way of saying this is that we need to win with ourselves if we want to win with people. There is a very famous saying,

“Change yourselves, only then will you change the world.”

Change yourself.
Change yourself.

Or something along the lines of that.

Being ourselves is one of the great requirements, or should I say trends, of living in the 21st century. And in order to be ourselves, it is important to be true to ourselves. It is important to have set some rules for how we are to live our lives. And it is important that we follow these rules; that we keep the promises we made to ourselves.

Everyone knows that this is not easy. It isn’t. Because there are so many other things that we could be doing, so many things which are more enjoyable, or less tiring, or less time consuming. There are so many ways to run away from what really calls to us. But, we were sent to this world (or came to this world, whichever you prefer) for a reason. To act for that reason, to actively contribute to the social web that is humanity, is the purpose of human life.

The Coveys came up with a perfect solution for this exact reason, because people lose track of how much of themselves they are being. They called it the Personal Bank Account.

Basically, you just pretend (or maybe you really could open a bank in which you make deposits and withdrawals, I’ll let you figure out the currency) that you have an account in which you make a deposit every time you do something for yourself. Keeping promises to yourself obviously counts. When you back down from a commitment you’re making a withdrawal. It’s that simple.

The reason I’m having such hype over this is because I have seen tons of people who think they are just a waste of time. They hate themselves, hate everything and everyone around them, just because they think this way. They cannot commit to anything sincerely, and the feel even worse afterwards. And thus the vicious cycle of self hate continues.

This article might not reach many people, but as many people that it reaches, I want to reach out to you, and let you know that you are NOT USELESS.

I guess I sound too harsh right now. Oh well.

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