It is human to err.

Everyone knows this classic and timeless proverb. Books have been written based entirely on this one sentence. Philosophies have been formed keeping this proverb in mind.

What’s interesting is this. Recently, I found out that the Arabic words for People (ناس), and the word for Women (نساء), have been derived from the word for Mistake committed due to forgetfulness (نسينا).

I was shocked.

What? WHAT?

It appears that the proverb, “It is human to err” was used in Arabic grammar to for words for a race that was characterized by forgetfulness, and committing errors due to it. Or vice versa.

And why women especially? I found that too. Apparently, women are more prone to forget.

I don’t think I can say anything more about this.

(PS: If you liked this post, and want to know more about the Arabic language, let me know in the comments. I’ve got more where that came from.)

2 thoughts on “Errors”

    1. See, its meant in a more like, make mistakes due to forgetting…
      But, it actually depends on the way you look at things in real life. And yeah, I don’t forget the things that make me go nuclear, even if it was a century ago.

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