And The Story Continues…..

Finding Myself Through Writing

Have you ever been re-blogged? Just wait until it happens to you and you will be singing along with the best of them! I’ve had a great time re-blogging some of my very own favorite posts this week to help with my time crunch while participating in Blogging 101. Who knew it could be so time-consuming, but I’m going to come out of it being a smarter blogger and having a better blog!

So I had a thought – a great thought – I think! I am going to start having a re-blog Wednesday every week. This will help me out time-wise and maybe – just maybe, I’ll get this book published!

Re-blogging, in case you haven’t heard, brings traffic to your site, helps bring traffic to the site of the blogger who you re-blogged, and just all-around makes bloggers HAPPY!

What this means is that every Wednesday I will re-blog…

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Author: anankhan98

When I close my eyes, I see myself as a writer. I see a pale blank page in front of me and feel a solid pen in my hand. I feel inspiration flowing through me, hear the words being whispered in my ears, ready to be written. And I see myself writing them. So, I write. And that is why I am here right now. To let the world know that I want to become better at this. That there is this unbelievably naive living in this corner of the world, who wants to have people help her become the best she can become. My focus is actually on fiction. I dream up stories in my sleep, literally. And I can't help but want to write them. Knowing English only as a second language is a drawback, though. I still try.

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