And The Story Continues…..

Finding Myself Through Writing

Have you ever been re-blogged? Just wait until it happens to you and you will be singing along with the best of them! I’ve had a great time re-blogging some of my very own favorite posts this week to help with my time crunch while participating in Blogging 101. Who knew it could be so time-consuming, but I’m going to come out of it being a smarter blogger and having a better blog!

So I had a thought – a great thought – I think! I am going to start having a re-blog Wednesday every week. This will help me out time-wise and maybe – just maybe, I’ll get this book published!

Re-blogging, in case you haven’t heard, brings traffic to your site, helps bring traffic to the site of the blogger who you re-blogged, and just all-around makes bloggers HAPPY!

What this means is that every Wednesday I will re-blog…

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