What I Learned From Starting On My First Manuscript

I woke from my dream with a start. The images were still flashing bright in my eyes, in the silence of the night. Mom’s steady breathing beside me reminded me that I wasn’t meant to be awake, so, I worked on getting back to sleep.

The next morning, I still remembered the entire dream, which is very unusual. One of my friends told me that a person forgets a small percentage of a dream within the first ten seconds of waking up, but within the next ten seconds, s/he forgets a huge chunk of it. That would make the dream perpetually useless.

But I remembered. A nagging voice at the back of my head told me I had to write it down.

Fast forward almost a year later, I was still considering whether to write it or not. In a very remote location inside my brain.

I had started on another project recently, something that I have been meaning to write for about two years now. And, to be honest, I’m losing momentum. I am stuck at the end of the twelfth chapter. I have no idea what will happen next.

The dream, though, is a different story. Its not fantasy like the one I just mentioned. Its supernatural, or, more appropriately, paranormal to some extent, mixed with a teeny bit of teen fiction.

And right now, its not just the original singular dream I began with. Its a mix of three, combined with a twist that wasn’t in any of them.

What I learned is this:

1. When I see the picture, i don’t care what’s around me.

2. I can write in front of anyone as long as they don’t bother me, a.k.a., stare or ask or try to peep.

3. Despite that, working in a place out of everybody’s line of sight is sort or liberating.

4. I can write an entire chapter in one go, and still be happy with everything in it.

5. There is so much to fix that I am going to go mad when I’m editing.

I have no idea why I am so hooked on to this novel. No publisher is going to take it. I don’t think I can afford an editor. I’m broke. Writing it has just been such an awesome ride that I don’t want to give up on it.

I’m scared though. My O levels are fast approaching, and here I am working away on a novel. Ten subjects…

So, I am going to set myself a deadline today. I shall finish Walker Stalker within exactly three weeks from now. I’m currently on page 62. Won’t be any longer than 100 (I think).

Today is the 14th of Jan where I am. Meaning, I’ll be due to finish on the 4th of Feb. The countdown starts.

Cheer me on and wish me luck. I’ll need it.

*goes offline nervously*

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