Geographic Tongue Had Me Thinking

The pictures of tongue inflammations still haunt me. Don’t know when it will stop…

I searched up geographic tongue as soon as I was done reading the post by pinklightsabre.I found two things that interested me in this post. One was, of course, the geographic tongues. The other was his hygienist.

There are thousands of occupations in this world and thousands of people striving to make a living. What brings success to these occupations is just one thing. The willingness to do the work for its own worth. And I see that in his hygienist.

I wouldn’t want to go to that Randy guy (no offense to him). He would constantly give the vibe ofย  annoyance and I would feel like it was my fault that he has to deal with an issue like this. This reminds me of the eye doctor I went to a couple of years back.

I originally figured ot that I didn’t have the sharpest eyesight when I was about thirteen. I went to see the doctor soon after that. That guy was actually nice. He didn’t talk much but at least he didn’t act like he was a burden. He gave me my first pair of glasses and said I should come visit again six months later.

That guy was professional. He did the entire diagnosis process himself.

I didn’t visit six months later. I went a year later. This time, the place was crowded, unlike the first time. The doctor was calling in 4-5 people at once and diagnosing them all in one go.

This lady, (no offense to her either) had me sit in one position while she ordered two attendants around. One of the attendants was acting like she owned the place. she diagnosed me and the real boss didn’t even loo at me! That session ended with me feeling stupid and the lady telling me that I had to wear my glasses to my grave.

Now, I know some people consider themselves professional because they enlist the assistance of others, but thinking about and communicating with clients on a personal level is important too. Isn’t that why they carry out market surveys? Isn’t that why companies have so much trouble keeping up with market demand? isn’t that why those Dora Cakes (after the cakes in Doraemon, didn’t you know) sold so much?

An unlikely subject from an unlikely place, you might say. But, hey, that’s what this blog is about.

PS: I wanted to add a pic of the geographic tongue, but got too many creeps while looking for a suitable one

11 thoughts on “Geographic Tongue Had Me Thinking”

  1. I have been wearing glasses since the tender age of 5. I have been thorugh quite a few eye doctors. I far prefer the ones that act like humans, that answer my questions. The ones that dont judge me for my glasses thickness. I looked up the tougue thing…..

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