Talk About Weird Combinations

And, once again, I’ve lost momentum, just like I did five months ago. I shall blame it on the schooling system of my country, and my own habit of procrastination.

Unexpectedly, though, exams are going pretty well. Better than I expected, at least. I had expected that I had forgotten everything and I would fail the mocks, thereby loosing the teachers’ trust and letting them all down. And also letting down my family, the people who have been working the hardest and worried the most about me. I thank Allah a million times over that He is making things so easy for me.


Apart from that, there is a bunch of things I want to take care of with this blog-post. It is completely random and absolutely unplanned.

First, I’ve taken down the milestone widget. Those of you who have been to my homepage before that will know the difference. The reason is very simple really. Whenever I logged on and saw that widget over there saying “The Big Day is here!” I felt the way I did the day I finished the manuscript. I felt stuck and unresponsive to the world, as if I was in coma. While I rejoice in the knowledge that I am actually turning pro, I have created a Facebook page for my blog. It was the last assignment of blogging 101. Took me long enough. To be honest, I still haven’t finished the second to last assignment. Talk about procrastination.

I put the Facebook like box widget where the milestone widget used to be. Looks pretty good.

You blog like you have existential crisis…

~Esha Carmel

Well, Esha, dear. I have though long and hard about what you said that day. Finally, this is the analogy I came up with. I don’t have existential crisis, sister. The part of me that blogs is just the dark side of the moon whose bright reflective face you see everyday. When I blog, I’m still the same person. I just think in a different way. In fact, this place is the podium through which I get heard. Unlike the times when we meet up, and there is so much to say that I end up saying nothing, I can say what I want to, when I want to. And you don’t even have to be there when I say it. I am content with you coming back when you have time.

You should blog about anime!


Honey, I should totally introduce you to HanVB. I have thought about your suggestion from the very beginning. In honor of your reminder, I shall do a post about anime next week. This week I shall be busy studying for the mocks, as I am sure you will also be.

Sudden shift to “Shakespearean” (according to Esha and Railgun, perhaps) was completely unintended.

4 thoughts on “Talk About Weird Combinations”

  1. Well to be honest, I quite agree with the whole exams going well, I’ve been thinking of that too. You’re working really hard, I’m really happy about that! To be honest, I don’t really know what to say here because well maybe all the things I say is when I see you so I have nothing to say now…..dunno really. But, I have suggestions for your future blogposts, if you would be kind to read them Mou-chan! I think its about time you tell the world about Girls Escapade, it can get more publicity that way!


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