“You’re going to enjoy reading The Kite Runner,” Mohaimen said.

“How can you enjoy such a sad book?” Maisha said.

Both of them said it at different places, situations, and of course different times. But, both of them were right. In different ways. That’s the beautiful thing about circumstances. They make different things come true in their own unique ways.

Reading this modern masterpiece was an eye opener. Sad, but enjoyable at the same time.

Promenade was telling me that there is no way anyone would ever find that book enjoyable. I agree with her. But, here’s the thing, how do you define enjoyable? Humorous? Funny? Or just moving? If one talks about humor, then there is a way it can be humorous. Especially Toophan Agha’s point of view on all the people who read books in a language they barely know.

Kids and Kites Photo from Shutterstock
Kids and Kites
Photo from Shutterstock

It is way more moving than it is funny though. Because it isn’t just about Amir and his cowardly actions. Its about so much more.

Its about war mongered Afghanistan.

Its about life in Taliban reign.

Its about childhood.

And its about the sad irony that life is.

And Khaled Hosseini captures it all perfectly. As if it were as clear as the Polaroid, the last time Amir ever saw Hassan. Even more moving, because Afghanistan is a third world country like ours, even if it wasn’t in the beginning.

They say, after you watch Attack on Titans, you are never going to cry for anything. The Kite Runner broke that spell. A thousand times over.

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