13 Reasons Why

Spoiler Alert.

There was going to be a movie, casting Selena Gomez as Hannah and Taylor Lautner as Clay. That was the first thing I heard about 13 Reasons Why, back in 2011. The movie hasn’t come out yet. Probably because it was just a rumor.

One of my friends was so in love with the book, she told me I should read it. I asked her what it was about, and she told me the basis of the plot-line. A girl committed suicide, but before she did, she made audio tapes addressing each person who’s activities led to her suicide. It sounded pretty dumb to me.

Last year, though, I somehow found it in me to read this story. Took me half a day roughly. At the end my original impression of it hadn’t changed, because it sounded so useless. Apart from the “careful about who you hurt,” there wasn’t any moral lesson for me to take away. Hannah was going about just letting guys have their way with her, even though there was a limit in the beginning. If I remember correctly, more than half of her thirteen reasons were guys. Guys who either she liked, or liked her, or just tried to use her for fun. Except for the guidance counselor. That guy was pretty much clueless to whatever was going on.

I love what they’ve done with the tape, though.

Here is what I find dumb about 13 Reasons Why. If she had the time and the intelligence to sit down and think about what made her want to die, why could she not think about ways to get out of that snowball effect? Why didn’t she talk to anyone? She didn’t even give her counselor a chance. She didn’t want help. She just wanted to be out of it all. She didn’t want people to know.

It did not make very much sense to me. This girl, Hannah Baker, was smart enough to figure out exactly how many reasons made her seriously contemplate suicide. She was smart enough to figure out a foolproof plan to let every person on her list how they contributed to her death. That either they deal with it by them selves, one by one, or deal with it with the entire school knowing why Hannah baker took sleeping pills and drowned in her bath. But, she wasn’t smart enough to even tell her mother at least. Granted every person she considered as her friend was in reality just playing around with her, her mother would obviously never ignore her, if she would just call out.

Then again, I don’t know the American life. I wouldn’t know her reasons, completely understand them, unless I lived her life.

There is something that changed my perception of this book, though.

Thinking back to finishing my first draft, I realize, most of it doesn’t fit together. It’s just a jumble of weird things happening. Literally. I have no idea how I am going to put it all together to make something meaningful. Compared to that, 13 Reasons Why is pretty well organized.

PS: I really mean no offense to the Author, Jay Asher. I am aware that it takes great pains to write a book. And yes, on side note, it did make me cry. This post is only an embodiment of my thoughts on reading the book.

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