Memento Mori

One of my teachers’ husband died a couple of days ago. Brain stroke. She’s depressed beyond what I can explain. I haven’t interacted with her much, but from what I have, I’m sure it’s going to take her a long time to get over it. They were both too nice for their own good, I hear.

One of my distant cousins had brain stroke as well, Continue reading “Memento Mori”


2014 has been a long year, yet unbearably short. I’m surprised by the shear number of things I’ve done, or began doing, or planned to do but never got to executing. The list would be pretty much endless.

It has also been the most hectic year. I finally got to writing something from a professional point of view. And I must say it was really fun. But, the moment I set it down, I got stuck. It’s like I should’ve pulled it on forever. Continue reading “Lost”

*Click* Paradigm Shift

Despite all the things that’s happened so far, I’m still afraid of change.

Maybe I have a good reason for that. I’ve lived a certain way for years now. More than two and a half decades, with intermittent lapses in between. I just turned seventeen last week, and I feel like I’ve finally Continue reading “*Click* Paradigm Shift”