Random Tidbits

This post was pretty solid in my head. Now that I come to it though, it’s not much of a post. Not at this moment at least.

My last post, 9 People Who Feed My Well of Words, came up on the 5th of April. Almost a month ago. I remember promising to come up with a post at least once a week, but I’ve lost momentum. Again. This is the third time I think.

Now I’ll tell you the reason, dear reader, of my disappearance of late. My O level exams, seemingly the most important examination of my life yet, are starting the day after tomorrow, and I have been doing my best to stay off the internet and study. Not that it works all the time, but I think I’m good to go at the moment.I have 10 subjects and the entire syllabus will take almost one and a half month to finish.

Keep me in your prayers.

Meanwhile, I’ll be coming up with some plans for future blog posts. Stay tuned.


Author: anankhan98

When I close my eyes, I see myself as a writer. I see a pale blank page in front of me and feel a solid pen in my hand. I feel inspiration flowing through me, hear the words being whispered in my ears, ready to be written. And I see myself writing them. So, I write. And that is why I am here right now. To let the world know that I want to become better at this. That there is this unbelievably naive living in this corner of the world, who wants to have people help her become the best she can become. My focus is actually on fiction. I dream up stories in my sleep, literally. And I can't help but want to write them. Knowing English only as a second language is a drawback, though. I still try.

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