The Sign of The Dollar

Who is John Galt?

I have been holding this urge for around two weeks, because I wanted to have reached the end of Atlas Shrugged before I went on to let the world know what effect it had on me. I was convinced I would feel the same way I did when I felt I had to write this blog post. I owe and dedicate this to Ayn Rand.

Throughout the length of reading this book, I felt the presence of her strong thinking behind every word and every page I turned. This was the first novel I’ve read that deals with a subject of this kind, and I am glad I read it. It is the greatest tribute anyone could pay to the people of the mind: the movers, the producer, the thinkers; and the greatest tribute these men could ask for.

Because, this is our world. It is ours to make, and it is us that the rest of the world depends on. Every industrialist who sees his work with the eye of respect, every inventor who’s inventions mean as much to him as his own life maybe more, every writer who knows that their work is the sum of their life and that their life is the sum of their work, deserves to to have the gratitude of the world around them, and to know, that they run the motors of the world.

Like so many times before, this blog post was very well organized in my head. I won’t try to deny that I’ve lost my touch somewhat. But with the knowledge and the confidence Ayn Rand has left me with, I know, that my writing will now be better than it ever was before. My thinking is not something anyone can take away from me, and as long as I can think, I will be the best I can be in every moment. I will be better than I was in the last, and I will aspire to the better in the next.

PS: I do not endorse smoking.

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