Meet My New Blog: The Closeted Non-native

When you’re doing something with nothing at stake it usually ends up better than when you do the same thing with something at stake, even if it’s just the sake of doing it for its own sake.

Do I even make sense?

Maybe. Maybe not. But that isn’t the point. The point is that I enrolled in September Writing 101 as well as Blogging 101 for a reason. It is at this moment, plagued with post anime-ending-depression paralysis, that I realise just how long I’ve been sitting and waiting for a miracle to happen.

I enrolled in Writing 101 because I felt I was going to lose sight of the only solid ground I found; one of the only ways I could keep sane. My writing.

For Blogging 101, my reason was my newfound urge to reach out to all those aspiring writers out there, whose native tongue isn’t the language they speak in. I want them to know that they are not alone however lonely it might feel at times if you really are working toward turning pro.

I’m still suffering from that paralysis. I don’t know how long it will take me to snap out of it, and the only way I can get any writing done at the moment is if I brood over it for a couple of hours, and even then what comes out is a just small and sudden spurt.

But I hope I can make a difference with this post.

This is the link to my new blog, the one I’ve dedicated to every lonely writing soul out there.

This week I celebrate the official launching of this new blog, even though I’ve intentionally flunked out on about three or four of the Blogging 101 assignments on it (I have reasons for that, though).

Even with this new blog, I’ll continue to keep this one as a personal experience sharing and ranting site, so don’t expect Khan’s Lantern to go out anytime soon! Meanwhile, anyone who’s interested in helping out my other baby blog, do drop by. I’ll be glad to have you!

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