The Space To Write (Writing 101- Day 6)

For some people, it’s all about the when and the where. There has to be a specific spot and they have to sit down at a specific time every day. They say that’s the signs of a  pro. That is probably true. I don’t know yet because I am still an amateur.

All I need is some quiet, and a spot and adequate lighting.

Where I sit down to blog, it’s quiet enough. But perhaps what holds back the flood of creative juices is the fact that the only light that reaches my keyboard is the light from my laptop screen.

I function best next to the window on my brother’s room. The best natural lighting in the whole house. Not too bright and not too soft. I can sit down right next to the window, lean against the wall and look out into the blue sky when I have to think. I don’t do that very often, though, because he has his own work to do, and he prefers complete silence and an absence of entities around him when he wants to get it out. Plus there are usually two toddlers around who absolutely love to annoy the hell out of him.

The other spot that works best is the gap between my closet and the balcony door. The amount of light that seeps through is okay, to say the least. When it rains, though, or when there’s a lot of dark colored laundry put up there, it gets a bit too dark for my taste. If I sit there I have to sit on the hard tiled floor, and nothing hurts your creativity more than aching bones.

The next most productive spot is the dining room. There’s the other balcony and the door leading to it. The lighting is just slightly out of reach for me sometimes.


Timing. I keep telling myself to wake up earlier in the mornings, even when there’s school, so I can get something down before everyone else wakes up. Do I pull it off? No. Because it is so much easier to sleep. And besides, at this time of the year, I’ll have to work by electrical lights. Total turn off.

Other than that, I can write when my surroundings are quiet enough for my inner voice to be heard.

I’ve reached a milestone today. This is my 50th post on Khan’s Lantern! And I am nowhere near exhausting my well of words, but at times I may get blue and have to remind myself what I want to write and how. Help me out with this poll!

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