Last Day of Writing 101

Writing 101 has ended. And, yes, I’m partly prepared for the sudden drop in post engagement that is bound to follow.

But, as I wrap up the assignments from this course, I want to highlight some of the things I gained through it.

First and foremost, I shed my writing block. And it feels like the best thing ever. Writing 101 forced me to think about things I gave up on thinking about. I almost gave up on writing, and that’s when this course started. It just proves that everything happens for a reason. It made me take a step back and take a deep breath. It helped me take a break from the crippling jail I was putting myself in.

Secondly, I met amazing people, like Arpita at Scribbles@Arpita and Rosema from A Reading Writer. Arpita, I don’t know if you’ve visited my site recently, but I’ve been thinking of a theme shift since I set eyes on your blog. Turns out, Lovecraft does my header image more justice than Hemingway Rewritten.

Last but not the least, I rediscovered myself. It helped a lot, to relax and actually get the muscles working afterwards instead worrying about the pain moving it would bring. I enjoyed it a lot, because it challenged me to walk paths I was afraid of taking, and I realised there really isn’t a reason I should’ve been afraid of them in the first place!

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