The Flower That Someone Doodled On The Wall Is Swaying

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”

I never felt so alone than when I thought about my obsession with Anime.

I watched many. Many. Okay, maybe not from beginning to end, but I knew the settings of many. I knew what the protagonist was like. I could figure out the stereotypes, the genres, even the canon pairings. Despite all that, and the fact that my brother watched Anime too from time to time, I felt alone. None of my friends knew what Anime was. They weren’t interested in the myriad of Anime songs I mastered just so I could let myself out.

No. They thought I was weird. Girls didn’t do stuff like that. Real girls were interested in make-up and good-looking boys and manicures.

I tried.

Manicures: check
Make-up: check
Boys: uh… check

It wasn’t working. So, what could I do? Live this bottled up life forever? *sigh*

I accepted that. That I’d probably have to keep my thoughts about anime to myself for the rest of my life.

That was when I found a notebook. It looked like your everyday notebook, except no one was crazy enough to bring something not related to the syllabus to school on the day of an important exam. I had a sudden urge to take a look inside. And that was exactly what I did.

I expected notes. History notes, maybe? Or maybe even Geography.

What I found was words that couldn’t possibly be in English. No, no. Don’t get me wrong. It was the English Alphabet alright. But the words weren’t English. I skimmed. Zoomed through I few more pages. I didn’t have long, after all I’d been dragged to that room by a friend. My frenzied mind came to one conclusion.

I wasn’t alone. Not anymore.

Because those words, those page after page of bizarrely strung words couldn’t have been anything but Anime song lyrics.

I had to meet this girl.


Fast forward four years later.

I don’t remember why I waited for her besty to introduce me to her. Right now, all my reasons and motivations from back then seem childish. But I waited nonetheless. I waited an entire six months, and even then I probably wouldn’t have met her if Esther hadn’t decided to go talk to her PGT at the moment. I met her then. And we weren’t exactly very vocal about anything at that moment. It took us at least another 3 months to get the conversations going without it seams.

But, here we are, @railgun55 and I. Bestest of friends. Comrades on the same boat. Partners in crime. Confidantes. Rant absorbers. Over time, our friendship has become about a very many things, Anime included. And I intend to keep it that way.

I wish I had a story for everyone of my friends. I probably do, but it’s not easy putting it all out. Maybe I’ll come back with more of these. Or maybe I won’t.

Title from English-dub translation of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 2nd Ending Theme “Let It Out” by Fukuhara Miho

10 thoughts on “The Flower That Someone Doodled On The Wall Is Swaying”

  1. Too lazy to login. Anyways, so this is what actually happened. Funny we were talking about this a while ago hehe, man I never knew that you had to go through so much to meet me was it really six months? Time seriously flies, it’s been four years already…
    You’re damn right about the partners in crime. Ur making my notebook sound like some creepy one though -_- I’m never letting you escape anime or me so let’s just preach anime world wide!! Haha, I’ll be holding you to that promise oka-san!!


  2. When I read the part about the notebook, for a moment I thought you wrote about the Death Note notebook *-* #manga-biased
    Sounds like you have a nice friendship.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are not the only one :3 My mum wanted me to see a psychiatrist for my compulsive obsession over anime 😛 I can’t eat food without my chopsticks. And when I lose my chopsticks, i lose my mind!

    Liked by 1 person

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