The Choice of Steins;Gate

Sometimes, it’s not about learning from your mistakes
It’s about living them, again and again
Till your too tired to go on.

It’s about the desperation, the fear
Not of the unknown. No.
But of what is bound to come.

It’s about watching the sand in the hourglass
Stuck in that kink of curved glass;
About the hands of that pocket watch
Freezing in place even before the glass shatters.

Blood trails down in jagged lines, stains the shards
As a life is made to pay for a crime it didn’t commit.

Sometimes, it’s not about the obvious way
It’s not about letting fate play its part

Because, as long as you have a way
Of doing what’s right
You’ll live in the infinite loop.

As the bright red butterfly
Touches our lives
Floods it with color; the color of blood,

And when you see it in your conscience,
You’ll know you’re in too deep

Gone too far to just turn back
To pretend there isn’t a price to pay
For the choice you make

You’ll keep moving, even if it’s not forward
Suffer deeper, for that’s the pact you struck
Because your life is the choice of Steins; Gate

Inspired by the Anime Series Steins; Gate.   I am aware that the only thing poetic about this piece is the white space. :p Free-verse is sometimes more “me” than prose. Sometimes. Other than that, I love and adore anyone who can come up with rhymes and tell a beautiful story.
Also, the piece is EXACTLY 200 hundred words. *sigh* Word-perfect.

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