And They All Lived Happily To The End of Their Days

What I’m going through right now, every avid reader knows by heart. We dread every minute of it, but we go on anyway, because the journey is worth more than the emptiness afterwards.10593167_10152666908115520_7413013586274921432_n

I just finished reading Winter by Marissa Meyer, the last book in her Sci Fi series The Lunar Chronicles.

Even though I spent hours trying to gather my thoughts, they still seem to be in a swirl. It didn’t exactly end they way I thought it would. A lot of bad things happened. Things went wrong. People died (fictional as they may be). In the end, though, it left a somewhat satisfying aftertaste. Things won’t be perfect, we all know that. Never. But it was a promising new beginning. And it almost brought tears to my eyes.


And that is probably because I was preparing to read the Dune Messiah (with it’s Go Set a Watchman like qualities, as I’ve so far heard). Otherwise I would have cried. Very, very hard.

These days, I seem to be dealing with a lot of bittersweet endings and new beginnings.

One friendly (as well as apprenticely, if you’ll have me ;)) message to Marissa Meyer.

I wasn’t on board from the beginning (as to say when Cinder first came out), but I’ve seen through to the end. And for some reason it doesn’t feel like this is the end. Well, technically there’s still Stars Above, but Winter is officially the end of the series. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that there will be no more.

And I’m sure my friends will feel the same way (yes, ma’am! we formed a Lunar Chronicles fan club of sorts).

So, keep writing and keep inspiring! I love the way you write romance, and your descriptions, oh stars above! Someday, if I ever get published, I’ll mention you during my interview. How you inspire me, you have no idea!

My favorite quote:

“Of course I understand sarcasm. It’s not theoretical physics, is it?”

Iko-perfection at it’s best!

PS: I thought Levana would fall off a bridge or something. Artemisia Lake would do too, I guess,right from her throne. I did not think Cinder would shut down. But, as long is it works. As long as she gets Kai, that is. *swoons*

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