IBMC #6: The Mass Media Challenge

This is the 6th Challenge of the 10 IBMC Challenges. Basically, the task is to combine the three props provided into one single coherent idea. Or, so I see it, at least. The props provided are:

A poem:

search of skin,
color no matter,
brighter or darker,
tell no one,
I will take someone,
– Β ghost, me!

A word:


A picture:


The thing that comes to my mind immediately is a story, where a couple live in the countryside, where scenes like the one in the picture aren’t a rare sight. They are newly wed, and the wife is scared of ghosts. And somehow, their landline is tied in with all this.

This isn’t much except a very early (and very scrappable) concept of a story. It would probably be a horror story something I haven’t yet tried my hands on. It might or might not be a good idea. I won’t know till I have the courage and/or confidence to write it. I don’t know if it would be the appropriate length I mentally appoint for blog posts. At this point, I know next to nothing about the story or the characters.

But, with these props, the point has been made. A collection of prompts brings a larger/ more detailed picture much more easily than certain other prompts. They inspire together. And I am certainly looking forward to the day I will write the story these three things together tell me.


IBMC #6: The Mass Media Challenge


Author: anankhan98

When I close my eyes, I see myself as a writer. I see a pale blank page in front of me and feel a solid pen in my hand. I feel inspiration flowing through me, hear the words being whispered in my ears, ready to be written. And I see myself writing them. So, I write. And that is why I am here right now. To let the world know that I want to become better at this. That there is this unbelievably naive living in this corner of the world, who wants to have people help her become the best she can become. My focus is actually on fiction. I dream up stories in my sleep, literally. And I can't help but want to write them. Knowing English only as a second language is a drawback, though. I still try.

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