Have you ever looked at your public identity and thought, “That is not me.”?

Dear readers,

Today, I bring you an announcement.

After over two years with WordPress and over a year and a half of blogging, I now feel that my brand name doesn’t quite fit. “Khan’s Lantern” wasn’t a name I chose out of commitment or particularly passionate feeling. Neither does it hold much of a significance to how I identify myself and my will to write. Continue reading “Reformation”

4 Tough Questions for Your Critique Group

Something we should all keep in mind when critiquing.

Ramona DeFelice Long

cropped-ramonagravitar.jpgCritique groups are great. I have participated in several, of different sizes and styles, and each one taught me to be a better writer. Reading works in progress allowed me to see how stories grew and, from those lessons, I became a more astute reader.

Now that I work as an editor, I have my own process for critiquing a manuscript or work in progress. If the MS is complete, I do an initial quick read from a reader’s perspective. I want to find out where the story goes without thinking about how it happened, what it means, and if it makes sense. After that, when I know the ending, I start back on page 1 and read again, this time as an editor. In the editorial pass, I make lots of comments because now that I know where the story ends, it is my job to help make sure…

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IBMC #9: The Be a Baby Challenge

The task:

As a baby everything around is new to them. They slowly learn things by keenly observing how each and everything is done. It’s a pleasure to watch a baby learn new things. They learn that they need to cry to get something. They learn that they need to put forward their hands to reach out for something. Many such slow incremental things accumulate in order.

Now the task is if you were to see something with a fresh new perspective, what would be it? Give a baby step to something and explore this new perception and dimension with your engaging thoughts. You can give a fresh meaning to a new word, sentence, concept or anything weird or meaningful.

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