Have you ever looked at your public identity and thought, “That is not me.”?

Dear readers,

Today, I bring you an announcement.

After over two years with WordPress and over a year and a half of blogging, I now feel that my brand name doesn’t quite fit. “Khan’s Lantern” wasn’t a name I chose out of commitment or particularly passionate feeling. Neither does it hold much of a significance to how I identify myself and my will to write.

These two years, I have spent more time on honing myself as a person and as a writer than ever before. I can’t say I’ve had a monumental moment just yet, but I feel that I’ve reached a point where my dreams will be easier to accomplish.

The name has a nice ring to it, I admit. It does hold a part of my identity, but it no longer feels like the identity I want to broadcast myself as. I need something more. Something different.

I have consulted some of my friends, and they have helped me come up with another name. A name I find myself craving to make mine: Yarnful of Stories.

If you’re wondering, it definitely has something to do with my newfound passion for yarn. I learned both knitting and crocheting this year, and am planning on practicing my yarn skills to the maximum. I find myself unconsciously drawing parallels between these two passions.

So, in the next few months, my blog will go through major changes. And I hope you guys will support me with this.

Have you ever felt that your public identity isn’t something you identify with?

11 thoughts on “Reformation”

  1. I haven’t given much thought to my public identity. But both Khan’s Lantern and Yarnful of Stories are unique and beautiful names. Changes are always welcome! So go for it, girl! 🙂

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  2. I can relate! 🙂 For the past few months I am wondering if my blog name still fits the content transformation it has been through. And like you… I think I’ve been into a knowing myself more course for the past two years and that involves knowing my writer-self. 🙂 So it is a delight to read this post because it’s like reading my thoughts written in your post. 🙂
    All in all, I love the Yarnful of Stories and it gave me a kind of lovely word entanglements view! 😀 So I will be here, surely, to support your blog’s transformation! 😀


      1. Oh. Nice to hear that. I would suggest you to take the Writing course from BloggingU (WordPress). They offer them frequently. I took it six months after I started blogging and it helped me a lot to structure and refine my blog.

        You can get the updates about them here:
        Under ‘Blogging University’ Menu whenever courses are open.

        You can find my course details here:

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      2. I took it last year, back when they didn’t have “take-it-whenever” option. It was fun, and it really helped. Maybe I’ll try it again. Thanks for reminding me!

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