via Daily Prompt: Tremble

Their faces seemed to be set in permanent scowls. Their cores ground and roared, he knew. He could feel it deep in his own body when he was inside one of them. They seemed to mark their territory with more ferocity than he ever considered possible. They were the beasts of this jungle, the unrivaled, unchallenged rulers of the gray asphalt.

His heart picked up speed. The lump in his throat refused to go down. The earth seemed to be pulling the keys in his hand down, down, toward its very center.

Taking a deep breath, he grasped the handle. He’d try to tame this wildness.

I’ve decided to pump up my post count by posting a 100-word story a few times a month. To help me kick it off, I used the Daily Prompts. This is my take on nervousness.

Constructive criticism is highly appreciated. 🙂

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