9 Things I Learned Growing Up

All of us have some situations where we see or learn something new after growing up and go “my life is a lie”. We’ve all been there. Some of us take it in stride and adapt to the new knowledge. Some take it as a personal offense. I’m mostly the former, but I’m digressing.

My older brother actually loves me

When I was a kid, he would bug me all the time (he would probably say the same about me). He wouldn’t let me watch what I wanted to on TV. He wouldn’t ever play with me. He wouldn’t let me touch his legos. I was convinced he hated me. Over the years, however, I’ve come to realize that he just wasn’t good with expressing emotions. Also, he was going through a rough patch and I’m glad he got out. There are very few relationships in this world that can compare to healthy siblinghood (that’s not a word? whatever).

I love stories

Yeah. As if I didn’t already know that one. I remember there was this story that I loved so much I’d completely memorized it so I could read it to myself because I hadn’t learned how to properly read yet. And then I started reading Harry Potter. And I watched from the shadows as my brother marathon-ed LOTR on our DVD player. I would make my aunt tell me horror stories even though I was a scaredy-cat. Lets not even start talking about all the story-plays I acted out with my cousins at play time. I’d do it again, any day. Take me back.

Stepparents aren’t always evil

You want to talk Lady Tremaine? Or maybe the evil queen from Snow White? I used to think you HAD to be evil in order to be a step parent. Or that being a step parent automatically made you evil. But honestly? I really don’t get why. Most of the time they’re just trying to make things better for themselves, their spouses and all the kids in the mix. I will never understand why the media makes them out to be this antagonist who’s hell bent on ruining their step kids’ lives.

Everyone around me has a life as vivid as mine

They’re having problems with their kids. They hate that the water tap in he kitchen drips water. They miss their high school friends they’ve lost contact with. All while we are busy manning the driver’s seat in our lives.

I’m not good at making/keeping friends

My current friends made/kept me :p .

Jokes aside, though, a lot of times I feel like talking to someone and getting to know them is just too much work. They’re busy, I’m busy. We both have things to do and places to be. And when I don’t care about how busy we are, I do care about how to word my messages because their impression of me matters. In short, I’d really rather just read and write and bake and crochet all day long.

But then there are days when I’m feeling really confident and feel the need to thank people for commenting on my pictures. I’m a bag of mixed signals.

I still love filing pages with scribbles. Unintelligible or otherwise

Almost as soon as my brain registered an empty page, I was filled to the brim with the urge to write on it. Fill it up with things that are a part of being alive.

Well, I can’t say I’ve changed all that much. The only difference is that now I fill pages on screens a lot more often. And now the scribbles are a lot more meaningful. Most of the time.

I sound better on the page/screen

A lot of people face this problem. And I honestly don’t blame them. Writing things down rather than saying them makes you stop and think about it, so you can come up with the best way to say it. You have to make it fit the grammatical rules. Studies have also shown that people who take time to think situations through and write their opinions down are calmer and more likely to be able to take the best decisions.

Some things cannot be redeemed in my eyes

Mangling animals, for example. Hurting people’s feeling intentionally, or only in order to achieve a selfish cause cut very near the top of the list. Let’s not even start about the atrocities being committed worldwide everyday.

My fingers are two big for Legos

The other day I was helping my cousins build something and the single circle blocks really hurt because none of my fingers are small enough anymore. You know what this means? I am batman. Nah, just kidding. I’m just too old for legos now. I don’t know what’s sadder.

Have you ever had any of these moments? Or maybe you’ve had other moments? I’d love to know. Please share in the comments.

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