The Story of My Blog

You spot this weird looking blog on the side walk, and it smiles and approaches you.

Hey, you probably didn’t notice me, and you probably won’t like the way I talk. But, I’ve got something I think you might like. So, do check it out, if you have time.

Here it is.


This is the Life and Lies of an average high school girl. And it could be the most moving story you ever find, or it could the most boring one, depending on your perspective of things. Now, the Girls’ Escapade is going to scream at me ’cause I said average. According to them, I’m pretty cool, though I don’t get why. I am average in my eyes, even though I have some things more strict than most average people. I guess its because they call me MOM ( I’m the oldest).

That's mommy, with the black hijab. :)
That’s mommy, with the black hijab. 🙂

Well, <think whatever you may here>.

I am a Muslim, and that isn’t just a label. I’m a hijabi. I’m a feminist. Connect all the dots yourself.

All of that is what and who I am, and more.

I want to be a writer, and I talked about that here and here.

I am one of those people who take twice as much time to text you back because I insist on using the proper rules of grammar. That has lead me to becoming the proofreader for all of my friends’ writings.

I’m soft spoken, and most of the times shy, which has lead me to having only a handful of close friends. Yes, that’s just five. For now.

Okay, so, do I read on, or ditch this blog?

PS: You can find out more on my gravatar account.

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