Bird By Bird

My brother came up with tons and TONS of non-fiction books up his sleeve. He recommended them like firing a machine gun.

The good thing, though, was that Bird By Bird was about something I really wanted to read about at that time, plus, it was not boring like most of the others he came up with.

Okay, I concede that I’m just judging because I randomly flipped to page 197 and did not understand what was going on, and that is extremely unfair. However, I was on a reading spree, the book was short, funny, and made sense no matter which chapter I read first.

Now I realise what a grave mistake I made by not writing about these when I finished reading them, because now my memory is fuzzy, and I barely remember my thoughts at the end. For most of them, at least.

For this particular paperback, I couldn’t have blogged about it when I finished it, because back then I didn’t have a blog! :p

I could say that this book made me see light and provided me with a lot of awesome quotes, etc. But I’m not gonna say that. What I’m going to say is this:

This book told me that there could be non-boring non-fiction. This gave me the courage to read all the other non-fiction and self-help books I read in 2014, and those books left me with a ton of inspiration and a plethora of awesome quotes.

Of course, Anne Lamott inspired me as well. So, before I forget, I’m going to give this book a reread this season.

11 Fears of a Debut Author

I was supposed to be done on the 4th. Well, I reached the last chapter on the 4th, and actually managed to finish it by ten forty-five pm. But, I had neither a prologue nor an epilogue.

I have written an epilogue now, though. And, if you are reading this on my site then you will notice the milestone widget saying “The Big Day is here!” on my sidebar. I’ll probably take it down tomorrow or the day after. The prologue felt too off, so I ditched it. Now, just a few hours ago, actually, I had some terrifying realizations. And I want to share them, in hopes that they will subside somewhat.

Here they are. Continue reading “11 Fears of a Debut Author”