Comment Inspired

This post was insppired by Scribbles by Arpita.

It’s not that I’ve been very responsible or very consistent while blogging on this site. The very first post I wrote was inspired by The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Continue reading “Comment Inspired”

Meet My New Blog: The Closeted Non-native

When you’re doing something with nothing at stake it usually ends up better than when you do the same thingĀ with something at stake, even if it’s just the sake of doing it for its own sake.

Do I even make sense? Continue reading “Meet My New Blog: The Closeted Non-native”


And my vacations are over.

And exams really are knocking at the door this time. I have to admit that I have been slacking off. Blogging 101 was fun ride. Sadly, I have to take a break, because my mock tests start in about a week and I have to start preparing. That means… What does that mean?

  • Less blog posts, though I will try to come up with something at least once a week.
  • Less comments, because the more time I spend studying the better.
  • Less interactions, because I don’t have a phone and I can’t log in without my laptop.
  • More missing the blogosphere, because its just that much more awesome.

Meanwhile, I humbly request all my readers to pray for me and wish me luck. This is practically the start of my O Levels. I’ll need everything I can get.

My Chinese Teacher told me, the three markings on the top denote a student going crazy... or something along the lines of that...
My Chinese Teacher told me, the three markings on the top denote a student going crazy…
or something along the lines of that…

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

Something crashed onto the bed, jerking Ella awake.

She opened her eyes, pressing them shut again at once. Someone had moved the curtains in the window, letting in morning sunlight. She felt something move next to her on her small bed. She sheltered her eyes from the light with a hand and pushed herself off of the lying position. She was amazed, and slightly scared to find a girl on the bed next to her.

The girl was dressed in the most peculiar fashion. Her clothes looked like the attire of men. She wore two grease stained gloves, which Ella could only see because the other girl was struggling to release herself from the ropes that held them behind her back. Her light brown hair was pulled into a messy tail and grease stains covered her face as well.

“What is the meaning of this, Adri?” she screeched.

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Geographic Tongue Had Me Thinking

The pictures of tongue inflammations still haunt me. Don’t know when it will stop…

I searched up geographic tongue as soon as I was done reading the post by pinklightsabre.I found two things that interested me in this post. Continue reading “Geographic Tongue Had Me Thinking”

What Fate Had, And Has, In Store

I don’t remember the name of the story, and that’s what’s sad. But, I do remember the story that made a large chunk of my childhood a bliss. It was written in Bangla, my native tongue, and I wasn’t quite fluent in reading it. Mom used to read it to me at least twice every day. At one point, i had it known by heart and knew exactly how much of it went on each page. Continue reading “What Fate Had, And Has, In Store”

Motto For Life: Why I Am Here

When I close my eyes, I see myself as a writer. I see a pale blank page in front of me and feel a solid pen in my hand. I feel inspiration flowing through me, hear the words being whispered in my ears, ready to be written. And I see myself writing them. So, I write. And that is why I am here right now. To let the world know that I want to become better at this. That there is this unbelievably naive living in this corner of the world, who wants to have people help her become the best she can become. Continue reading “Motto For Life: Why I Am Here”