Friends and Making Friends: 11 Realizations

I’m not talking about Friends as in the TV series. I’m talking about real life friends and friendships. As I near the end of high school (in my country at least) I know that I may not have exhausted my ability or willingness to make friends just yet, but I also know that I have most certainly lost the momentum I gained just a couple of years ago. In retrospect, I’ve had two of the best years spent with my bestest friends yet. Guys, they say if you can be friends for 7 years straight, nothing can tear you apart. We’ve got the majority left, but I know it will be easier for me this time than it was the last. This blog post is a tribute to us and our friendship. Continue reading “Friends and Making Friends: 11 Realizations”

Talk About Weird Combinations

And, once again, I’ve lost momentum, just like I did five months ago. I shall blame it on the schooling system of my country, and my own habit of procrastination.

Unexpectedly, though, exams are going pretty well. Better than I expected, at least. I had expected that I had forgotten everything and I would fail the mocks, thereby loosing the teachers’ trust and letting them all down. And also letting down my family, the people who have been working the hardest and worried the most about me. I thank Allah a million times over that He is making things so easy for me. Continue reading “Talk About Weird Combinations”