The Morals of Rumpelstiltskin

The tale of Rumpelstiltskin isn’t a new one. Whether it’s the original version or some other local version, every household tells it. Every grandma knows it. Every child has heard it.

Till date, I have heard/read at least four versions. I’ve read of a few others as well.

It is fascinating tale of greed and betrayal. Some writers today have taken up the challenge of retellings, and while I haven’t read them yet, I’m sure they can’t be too shabby. Continue reading “The Morals of Rumpelstiltskin”

It’s “O-U”

Like in “shout”

I love my name. The first two words are long and a hard combination of syllables to remember, and have very beautiful meanings (they’re Arabic words). The nickname is short and easy, and still very beautiful. I love my name, because it is as much my identity as my body, or my mind, or my writing, or my knitting and crocheting, or my reading. It’s all a package.

I love being addressed by my nickname. It makes me feel safe, like I’m home and don’t need to worry about anyone judging. I don’t have to worry about socializing and wondering if I should step it up or down. Continue reading “It’s “O-U””

IBMC #3: Risk for a Random Challenge

The club badge doesn’t gleam the way it used to. The mechanical pencil was hiding in a crease. Dust motes were matted to the surface with coconut oil. Fat grains of rice did not suit his tastes, despite his wife eating leftovers everyday. She needed to clean her desk to maintain a semblance of sanity. It was a beauty, the lilac and yellow sky. Stars twinkled brightest after a storm. Why was the hottest part of a flame a cool colour? The canyon crawlers will eat me. It was all just a game. The world’s biggets super-slide makes me queasy.


IBMC #3: Risk for a Random Challenge

Random Tidbits

This post was pretty solid in my head. Now that I come to it though, it’s not much of a post. Not at this moment at least.

My last post, 9 People Who Feed My Well of Words, came up on the 5th of April. Almost a month ago. I remember promising to come up with a post at least once a week, but I’ve lost momentum. Again. This is the third time I think.

Now I’ll tell you the reason, dear reader, of my disappearance of late. My O level exams, seemingly the most important examination of my life yet, are starting the day after tomorrow, and I have been doing my best to stay off the internet and study. Not that it works all the time, but I think I’m good to go at the moment.I have 10 subjects and the entire syllabus will take almost one and a half month to finish.

Keep me in your prayers.

Meanwhile, I’ll be coming up with some plans for future blog posts. Stay tuned.

Talk About Weird Combinations

And, once again, I’ve lost momentum, just like I did five months ago. I shall blame it on the schooling system of my country, and my own habit of procrastination.

Unexpectedly, though, exams are going pretty well. Better than I expected, at least. I had expected that I had forgotten everything and I would fail the mocks, thereby loosing the teachers’ trust and letting them all down. And also letting down my family, the people who have been working the hardest and worried the most about me. I thank Allah a million times over that He is making things so easy for me. Continue reading “Talk About Weird Combinations”