Daily Prompt: Faded

Some dreams wake me up and leave me in a haze.

I remember seeing the dirty unreachable corners, between the bed and the bookshelf, between the TV stand and that chest of drawers. I remember the old red curtains, faded from continuous direct exposure to the sun, hanging from every one of the abundant windows and doorways. I remember the old paint peeling off the ancient walls.

The TV plays a cliche cinema about a rich girl falling in love with a poor guy. It’s always the same, with slightly different plot points every time. Everyone in the room knows all the actors and actresses and acts as if it were their story. There’s in-scene commentary. There’re sing-alongs every time a song comes up. They can’t count how many times they’ve watched each of these.

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TV Time: How Indian TV Channels Are Taking Over Our Audiences

After a 9 to 5 job all of us need a relaxing break. This delightful break is delivered best by that box, these days screen would be more appropriate, of moving pictures sitting in our living room or sometimes in our bedrooms. We want nothing more than to sit on that couch that seems to be calling out to us, let all our muscles loosen, and watch something refreshing. Continue reading “TV Time: How Indian TV Channels Are Taking Over Our Audiences”