9 People Who Feed My Well of Words

I don’t speak like myself, even though I try pretty hard to. Speaking, or writing is an output process, and you can only ever output what you input. So, I’ve put together a list of people who I think my writing sounds like. I’m still an amateur. Don’t know if I can ever reach perfection level. Probably never will, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

1. James Altucher

Many people know this guy. He used to work for HBO. Currently, books by him or his wife are in the top ten selling on amazon on entrepreneurship.

Why I think I sound like him? I think the people who know him and read stuff he writes will know. I sound like him right now.

2. Khaled Husseini

This guy is one of the best Asian writers out there. Kite Runner. Need I say more?

I’ve been reading his books recently. I must say they are not only beautifully written, but the also ring true on so many levels I’ve actually lost count. To top that off, my O levels are here, and they apparently prefer narratives which include flashbacks and are very complicated for Band 1 marks.

Not very deep, I know.

3. Marissa Meyer

Bestselling author of The Lunar Chronicles. Why I love her? Descriptions.

I once read in  an advice for authors post that we have to have descriptions that make readers go, “Ahh! That is so true!” She does that. She is more than a pro.

Bonus point: She is an otaku!

4. Angel Li

The fun thing about her is that I don’t even know if that’s her real name.

That aside, she is an awesome writer. She is the only one in the entire Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Fanfic franchise who got so many reviews for just one story. The stories were good too. She researched before she wrote, and made it seem as real as possible. I love her for that.

She is currently publishing her original novel International Affairs on Wattpad.

5. Suzanne Collins

After the release of Mockingjay part 1 last year, I don’t think I need to introduce her.

This lady, despite writing in 1st person AND present tense, made me a better writer. I’m not talking from just one perspective. This series has content and originality in one place. While there are theories that THG is practically Suzanne Collins’ version of the Roman Gladiator Games (which have striking similarities with THG, for that matter), it’s the richness of emotions and how, often we ourselves don’t know how we feel, and how she portrayed that that makes this series so important to me.

And also the fact that she went out of norms and wrote all three books in present tense and in only one POV. That is hard.

6. J. K. Rowling

Now, I was wondering myself how this wondrous woman came so near the end to me. It has lead me to only one conclusion. That because I read The Harry Potter Series a long time ago and it’s beginning to filter out of my system.

Guess it’s time for a reread. Thanks for making my childhood so special, Miss Rowling!

7. Christopher Paolini

This guy built an entire world. Child prodigy. I envy him. I remember after I finished reading the Inheritance Cycle I was writing in Alagaesian for months. Actually, the very first idea of a novel that I had (which I haven’t completed yet) was a fanfic of a crack-ship from Eragon. So, yes, CP. You do inspire me. Thank you.

8. Maisha M. Prome

I am jealous of your writing. I don’t get it. You don’t write everyday but when you do its like you spew out fairy dust. How do you do it? You have to tell me. And if you can’t I might just steal your ideas.

Just kidding. Dude, seriously, you have got potential. Well, so do I but you’ll have an easier time getting it out than me. At least the first time around.

9. Ananna Ashraf

Woman, you and your anime themed ideas. I like them, though. They scream you. They scream Sora Phantomhive. But, again, just like Prom, I don’t get how you don’t write everyday but still write so well. I used to have writers’ block everyday back when I didn’t write so often.

You two have to tell me your secrets.

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