Bird By Bird

My brother came up with tons and TONS of non-fiction books up his sleeve. He recommended them like firing a machine gun.

The good thing, though, was that Bird By Bird was about something I really wanted to read about at that time, plus, it was not boring like most of the others he came up with.

Okay, I concede that I’m just judging because I randomly flipped to page 197 and did not understand what was going on, and that is extremely unfair. However, I was on a reading spree, the book was short, funny, and made sense no matter which chapter I read first.

Now I realise what a grave mistake I made by not writing about these when I finished reading them, because now my memory is fuzzy, and I barely remember my thoughts at the end. For most of them, at least.

For this particular paperback, I couldn’t have blogged about it when I finished it, because back then I didn’t have a blog! :p

I could say that this book made me see light and provided me with a lot of awesome quotes, etc. But I’m not gonna say that. What I’m going to say is this:

This book told me that there could be non-boring non-fiction. This gave me the courage to read all the other non-fiction and self-help books I read in 2014, and those books left me with a ton of inspiration and a plethora of awesome quotes.

Of course, Anne Lamott inspired me as well. So, before I forget, I’m going to give this book a reread this season.

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